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Patricia Herdita

Interior designer - writer - lifetime traveler



My daily activity


I'm a 27 year old self employee interior designer, part time blogger, and a happy wife of a lucky man ;) 

Today I'm gonna post a draft of my daily routine with some icon sketches in it. I'll compile it to a list of 20 activities that I wanted to highlight as an icon. Since I'm a self employee designer, so I'll post my activities when I'm on a project.

Highlight of 20 activities:

  1. Wake up
  2. Cook Breakfast
  3. Eat Breakfast
  4. Wash my face/skincare routine
  5. Watch news
  6. Say goodbye to husband, he's off to work
  7. Cook lunch
  8. Take a shower
  9. Work
  10. Lunch
  11. Work
  12. Nap
  13. Check e-mails
  14. Blogging
  15. Husband is home
  16. Dinner
  17. Watch TV
  18. Continue to work again (I'm a nocturnal :P)
  19. Skincare routine
  20. Sleep


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