Vladimir Raykov

Marketing and Sales Manager



My crazy story to remember words...

  1. Wallet
  2. Orange
  3. Chocolate
  4. Snake
  5. Computer

My crazy story...

I’m in front of my apartment. I open the door and I see a big, brown wallet, as big as myself, I reach my hand to touch it and I can feel roughness of and smell of the leather. I’ve never seen something like that before.

Then I walk into my bedroom and instead of a chandelier, I see a cut in half orange with a straw coming to my bed so when I sit on my bed I can drink orange juice directly from the orange and it is so fresh I love it.

Then I walk into my bathroom and I want to wash my hands but instead of water, from the sink starts pouring hot chocolate, can you imagine that, I can feel the smell of cacao all over.

Then I want to dry out my hands and reach out to get my towel and see that the towel is attached on a snake’s teeth with a position of the head of the snake up-side down, so the towel is on one of the white and sharp teeth.

Then, I walk in my living-room and instead of windows I see large monitors with many numbers, as if something is being computed (computer) or calculated, instead of tales on the floor I see giant keyboard, I can feel the specific smell of new technology.

--the end--


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