My concept art

My concept art - student project

I want to create my own fantasy world and story, but some things like the concept art always scared me a little bit. I have been drawing seperate images of characters and animals for a long time now, but I stayed away from making these full artworks. I usually never finish them because I want it to be perfect, but don't feel like putting in the time.

My concept art is of a planet that has crumbled apart, and now there are all these large pieces of rock floating around, while still having all these different ecosystems. this piece of the planet is one of the coldest places, and most far away into space. This is where my character starts a journey to the center/core of what was once the earth.

I have found your tips very helpful. I not only finished the concept art, but I had a lot of fun making it as well. It was really helpful for me to get a clear idea of the story I want to tell, and what I exactly want to show. this usually overwhelms me, but with these steps it inspired me to keep working on it. Thank you :)