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My commute + some work doodles

For the class, I started mapping out all the options I have for my commute to work -- which actually aren't that many in terms of transport, because luckily I live very close to the office:


So I started thinking about other things that factor into my choice of when and how -- like, do I have food in my fridge? If not, how many groceries can I lug home on foot? Another thing is dependence on things like the tram schedule, the weather, traffic... me being lazy.

Generally, my commute is never longer than half an hour, pretty reliably so. But what has changed substantially over the past two years is the monthly and accumulated cost!


So I started listing all the ways I've been paying (or not) for my commute, and how changing circumstances have made it cheaper. I quickly sketched different ways of visualising it, and chose to try out both versions:



Moving to Bremen made the monthly ticket much cheaper, and then I bought the bike this spring to be more mobile, that's when cost went up, obviously. Since it's gotten too cold to bike last month, I've been taking the tram again, but I'm using a different subscription ticket now that's much cheaper. I want to use the bike for longer next year, even in autumn, so in my prognosis, I'll spend even less.


Here are some of the work doodles: the data points are all just educated guesses at this point since every client's user base searches differently and using different devices. For some things, we would be able to build a stock of graphics for common scenarios (such as search volume and keyword phrase length), but for most, I'd actually have to go off proper data for Client X.





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