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My commitment to paint every day - no matter what

  • Ok ready to start with my new sketch book and my favourite materials...


I just picked a lime from my fruit bowl and just started to paint.
My sketchbook doesn´t take water well and tends to buckle.  :-(
I will try a different medium tomorrow.
I painted it while listening to the videos. So, inspiring :-)

DAY 2:  But what will I paint? 


Thanks Ria, for that great idea about what to draw. For now I am just drawing fruit.  

Eat a strawberry.... then paint a strawberry.
See what comes up tomorrow.:-)

DAY 3: I don´t have time  - 

This morning I was so tired that I was tempted to skip doing my art in the morning. I listened to the video and told myself I would dedicate 5 minutes and see how far I would get in that time. I switched to pastel sticks which was a faster medium than watercolour. I was truly surprised at how fast I could draw if I set a timer. I realize how often I tell myself I need a whole weekend to paint but all I needed today was to "show up" for 5 minutes......


DAY 4 : Where to paint


For the moment I am still in the same corner. But the video is interesting because you can carry your art anywhere. 
Time to get your hands dirty:
today I decided to draw dafodils nd I wanted to finish it but there are still some little touches. 


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