My collection of watercolor

My collection of watercolor - student project

This is the best class for me right now. I haven’t use my watercolors for to long and this is the perfect opportunity for falling in love all over again with this marvelous medium. And I have a lot to share :)


First, I’m from Quebec, the only french province of Canada so I have a strange way of writing English and the price of supplies are about 25% more than those in the USA. 


The first kit I have to present is from China and don’t have a name that I can tell you. I bought it from Wish at 12$ mainly because I find the presentation interesting (it’s like a fan) and very portable. My collection of watercolor - image 1 - student project

Those are not excellent quality watercolor but they are nice to use and the range of color is interesting except for the white... I really hate when they put white watercolor in a kit.

The second kit is something that isn’t available anymore. It’s the Pébéo Fragonard ultra fine "aquarelle". I have sixteen tubes of those but two seams a little weird and one refuse to open :(

My collection of watercolor - image 2 - student project

The quality is nice and there is some pigments that aren’t available anymore. I have no idea for the price range because I got them from a retired art teacher who was selling a big bunch of tubes, some nice paintbrushes and a lot of high quality watercolor paper for 200$. 

Next I have twelve tubes of a belgian company, BLOCKX. They have the particularity of using some honey in their binding agent. I can’t say that it make any difference for me but I’m no expert... 

My collection of watercolor - image 3 - student project

 Some colors are gorgeous and rich, some aren’t at all... I got them the same way as the Fragonard so they are old. 

That’s all for now... Much more to come.