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My class: Knitting Continental 101: The seed stitch & Knit a tiny blanket

Knitting is the new yoga they say. 

Have you got your basics covered? You have learned how to knit and how to purl.

This might be the time to learn one of the most easy and lovely stitches: the SEED Stitch. 

Even if you are not sure, I will guide you all the way to purl and knit this cute little blankie. 

This is a great pattern to learn not only for it's texture, but it is a two sided stitch - that means that you don't have a right side and a wrong side. Both are the RIGHT sides. Why so excited about this? You can use it for scarfs, cowls, blankets, big or small. 

Class outline:


11 June : edit on the Class Outline: separate the demos for the cast on, purl and knit stitches


15 June

I just realised that I should specify that I knit continental (European) style. I think it is easier than\ the common way. Faster, too. 


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