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My city is my soul

My story is like many of the stories of millions of people on planet earth ... As a child, like all boys, I Might become an astronaut and be like Yuri Gagarin and also fly to kosmoss to unexplored worlds ... Of course we are growing and our dreams remain yunesheskie in past and we change his dream trying to find themselves in this life ... Time went by, I was looking for parallels business itself in Art, music, became seriously engaged in a photo ... and only occasionally childhood dreams slipped silent echo in the mind ... I always dreamed about other planets and fascinated looking at the sky and watched in fascination at the photograph of our land taken from aerial view ... Recently, I accidentally became interested in shooting video and bought quadrocopter JI MSHYSHSCHT and after the first flight, I realized that approaching dream like WRI turned in me, I realized that I found something that could bring me closer to my dreams ... I suddenly madly wanted to shoot shoot shoot and show people on a beautiful planet we live, if I found the wings and now all my spare time I fly ... posveschayu project which originated in my head involuntarily - Show people the planet as well all that nature has created, how much we have done and we need to find harmony between us and the planet and maybe then our civilization will be the future and we We begin to think differently










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