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My character design and webcomic

Design your character

I've been doodling this character who was loosely based on me for some time. I really like the Timmy Failure character by Stephen Pastis and have doodled him in notes and other things quite a bit. However with this first exercise to "design your character", I wanted to make it "more me". So I took a selfie photo and made the character's hairstyle closer to my own. Note that I'm not using Photoshop. I'm using the Sketchbook app for Galaxy on my Galaxy tablet for all drawing. Here's my rough character design:


The final model sheet was a challenge for me because it is not easy for me to draw the character from different angles, especially when I'm used to drawing the character head-on. I tried different things but ultimately the following sheet is what I came up with. I must admit that I'm not entirely satisfied with it. It will be good to practice this sheet again.


The final webcomic is based on an anecdote from my college days. True story :-). I added animation of the snow in the last panel. The image below is an animated GIF so I'm not sure if it will show up here as an animation.



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