My challenges

My 15 identities:


1. Post-European.

2. Foodie. 

3. Data enthusiast. 

4. Advertising being. 

5. Copy master. 

6. Tired host.

7. Coconut borsch maker.

8. Digital nomad. 

9. Heavy traveler. 

10. Balcony gardener. 

11. Nature lover. 

12. Big city explorer.

13. Contemporary art admirer.

14. Ex jazz dancer. 

15. Queer. 


40 things for Foodie:


1. All-year BBQ 

2. Beyond meat, above your expectation

3. Umami found in tomato

4. Ginger cookies are not for Christmas 

5. I eat MSG everyday.

6. Yummy means ‘yes, ultimate meal made by yourself’

7. Superfoods are not used by real chefs

8. It’s impossible to turn a potato into Lay’s chips 

9. When will meat become luxury? 

10. Ghost kitchens vs. Restaurants

11. When life gives a lemon, preserve it

12. You grandma knows how to make a fermentation, even if she doesn’t know this word

13.  Italians cook better, thanks to their grandmothers

14. Ice cream or gelato: it’s time to make a choice

15. Fish and red wine, because fish doesn’t care what you’re drinking 

16. Who said that a red meat goes well with a red wine only?

17.  Craft beer, made by girls for girls 

18. Own your pasta, make it at home 

19. Pasta is terrible, until you have a proper olive oil and garlic

20. All shades of humus 

21. Russian cuisine dishes taste better the day after, like borsch or Russian salad

22. I bet you’ve tasted a raw fish

23. Sushi sounds differently in Japanese 

24. The worst restaurants are those having both sushi and pizza 

25. Food delivery ran on Tesla

26. A pizza delivered in 2 minutes

27. No every junk food is created equal 

28. Don’t put your nose into this finger food

29. Countless ways to cook an egg

30. Live in your kitchen

31. Steal like a chef and enjoy your meal

32. Where you should say bon appetite

33. Not all cold dishes come from the south 

34. Hot meal tastes good only five minutes 

35. What soup can be a treatment?

36. A perfect dinner starter is a soup

37. French cuisine is the best way to waist your time  

38. We don’t argue about a free water in a restaurant 

39. Parmigiano is for breakfast. 

 40. How French eat french potatoes