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Saskia Wariner

Never stop learning



My cat as a nesting doll

Hey Sandra,

I loved this class very much. Especially watching you paint, while I was painting myself haha. You are a very good teacher and I also loved seing the other great projects here. So good. I'm very messy with my colors and don't have much control yet, but this practise was great.

Thx for these exercises:


My sketches (they were pencil sketches but I had to ink them to make the lines visable for tracing ^^)


This was my first trial:


but I realised that my pencil line were too thick oops and also I'm used to draw in smaller formats and I had a bit problems to get comfortable. Also there is too much going on, so I decided to go smaller.


Sorry if this looks very close to your drawing, but I have a similiar illustration style. I used some patterns I love a lot like triangles and gem stones plus I goodled through the decorations of nesting dolls and got inspired by the beauty of them.

Here is a little gif too, because I got carried away.


I'm German, sorry if I made any mistakes or misspelling. Happy to do the next class about patterns. I keep practicing until then.

Love Sask


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