My cat Calvin

My cat Calvin - student project

What a great class! I loved learning both techniques, and used a combo of both to work on my skills & create this project. Some part of the fur was challenging because my cat has shorter hair, but the Gaussian blur pencil trick worked great. I also recreated my living room in the background to give it a more realistic feel. I think I will try to do a different abstract background. Cecile, I really loved your class and will be taking more. Thank you!! Excellent one. 

Here’s my final project and reference photo. The only thing that bugs me is that my painting almost looks too much like my photograph. I am thinking a background swap may change that. 

My illustration of my cat Calvin

My cat Calvin - image 1 - student project



My cat Calvin - image 2 - student project

Thanks again Cecile!

Paul Roberts
San Diego, CA