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Maya Bogdanova

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My business self

I don't have a business card, I never really liked business cards to be honest. But I like typography and on top recently decided to give freelancing a go. So when I heard that SkillShare is offering a typography class I though that's a good opportunity to mix the fun with the useful for me. So here are some of my attempts to create a personal business card.

I am currently based in Hong Kong so I went along with the size in this part of the world 50X90mm. I played around for a while with what pieces of text should be on the card then with the direction and the grid. I want to add an element on the card like a kind of a personal logo or a drawing so I have left

some space on top. So here is the initial two options that I am playing with:

I like this version because it has some room on top but I think at the moment I prefer the second one.

What I like about this version is that I can add elements to the bottom of both sides with the details without ruining the hole structure. But I think I will keep working with two versions and see how it all comes together later. Let me know what you think.

I forgot to mention i am using a font called Collaborate. There is a great database of fonts that are free to use even commercially that I like to use:

Part 2

I am not sure how everything will come together but here is the second unit project. I could not really find a Serif font that really matched my personality but I used Nautika because i thought it has some interesting shapes and a big variety of styles.

I am pretty happy with the layout of the text though. i thought that it came out pretty nicely with DESIGN in the middle. creating the necessary break in the message. I coul dnot decide if the last line in the actual text (but a tool amongst many...) should be centered or aligned to the left. Difficult decision. Ideally I would like to add some drawing (wavy line or something) in the middle of the empty space.

So here is the font that I would like to use, if I could use sans serif font for the task. I added some scribble for where I imagine the drawing would be, just so that I get an idea of how it would look altogether.

Quite some work after the last time I wrote actuallly. I finished with the videos and now I am just playing with different ideas. I have been working on a business card that has two sides. So you can see my name  and contact on one side and the text on the other. not sure if I would do that in real life but I thought it's a good practice with different texts. So here are two of the examples I made (there were more like 10 but these are the ones I like the most).

The first version uses the arrows associated with rapid development in e-learning design. I thought it is a nice symbol to connect to with the meaning of the text. I like t but it does not show much of my personality. On top there is something too flag-like in it.

The second design is a lot more me...but I have been struggling with legibility in this design. I still have to work on it but I like the feel of print and in the same time of technology with the color combination.

Any suggestions on how to improve the text legibility would be welcome. any comments really would be useful :)


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