My business plan

My business plan - student project

I am a mom of two little girls (2,5 years and 7 months) and my idea is to have a photography business as side job while on maternity leave. I would like to make some income so I can contribute to our family budget. 

I have still year and a half of paid maternity leave left. In that time I would like to start my little business. 

I would like to be 'a family photographer' so my market are families and individuals who want to have beautiful portrait. I am also open to take portraits for people's CVs.

My business plan - image 1 - student project

Business budget:

New camera - 10 000 CZK
License - 1000 CZK
Reflector - 1000 CZK

This budget is my idea for the very start. I plan on using primarily social media (instagram) or to start a free website. I do not think I need an office space, since taking photos of babies and little kids is always easier in the comfort of their home. And family and portrait photos of adults can be taken outside. 

My business plan - image 2 - student project

My biggest concern is about how to attract customers. I am not sure how to be visible on social media so people in my locality can easily find me and hire me. 

My business plan - image 3 - student project