My brand's vision

My brand's vision - student project

Hi Everyone!

I've recently created a brand with a focus on furniture makeovers.
One of my obvious goals is to create design furniture (from old pieces) while keeping the prices affordable. Having such a piece is a very-very unique experience I want to share with people.

The main problem I face is that many people do not feel the urge to invest in the design of their homes at all. They still look at their homes from a functional perspective only, while neglecting aspects of how it feels to be there, or how much it reflects them and their lifestyle.

So the dream-size goal for me would be to influence how people perceive their homes and help them make it a happier and more creative place

The actual milestones would be

  • 3 months: start selling pieces via Instagram
  • 6 months: sell 90% of pieces within 1 month from creation; crystallize my style
  • 1 year: have a stable (even if low) income from pieces plus commissions. Also, start outsourcing some parts of the business such as marketing and delivery
  • 2 years: have a solid infrastructure around the business - a big clients base, a studio, suppliers of furniture and materials, etc.
  • 3 years: have a solid brand with a good name, have a team of 3+ people working on the design and its realization. Outsourcing is a casual thing
  • 5 years: be a well-known player of the CZ & SK furniture market, so that any time people want to upgrade their home they consider my brand alongside the big players

Feels good formulating the vision on paper for the first time Thanks for the exercise! 


Have a great day Everybody,