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Sarah Gebauer

I make accessible user interfaces and webcomic



My branding project

Mind dump



I don't have a constant or specific mood board. But I track two twitter hashtag which served as my moodboard. #axschat and #ddchat. I am active in both.


I've been thinking about this for almost two years now and after two different I have settled on a third and I think this one is final: "Dyslexic panda".

Using my name is out of the question because I probably changed it too many times in the last 3 years, gender transition related changes. I chose abstract but it has meaning.

I don't want to hide that I am neurodivergent, that's why dyslexic.

I don't like rubber ducks so I have stuffed Red panda instead.


"I make accessible user interfaces one project at a time."

Logo Design Brief

My Brand Name: Dyslexic Panda

What I do: User Interface design

How I position myself in the market in terms of pricing: mid-low

My target: other businesses

3 words that best describe your brand & products: accessible, hi-tech, storytelling ("telling a story" is 3 words by itself and I'd like to emphasize the accessibility word)

Color preferences: Orange-Red, Black, White (same as the real panda)


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