Kate Moore

Designer • Illustrator



My brain is too cluttered to think of a clever title!

Starting Out (4.11.14)

Hey y'all! I'm a designer and illustrator, formerly full-time freelance and hoping to return to that one day. Problem is, my organization and follow-through really aren't awesome. I often have so many thoughts/problems/ideas crammed in my head, I have trouble focusing or sleeping. I checked Craigslist for a Pensieve, but no luck, so I thought I'd try this.

The quiz was not surprising, but a little illuminating. I got DANGER on every single area. Again, I sort of expected this, which is why I'm here! So I installed Evernote and Todoist, and set about capturing my open loops and clearing out my email inbox. This was not a small feat; I had over 15k emails (read, but still there!). Now it's empty and that is a very strange feeling.

For now I need to do some work-work, but I'll continue tomorrow!


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