My booklets

My booklets - student project

Another 2 booklets, this time with seed bead embellishments. 
My booklets - image 1 - student projectThe first 3 booklets I tried, with different papers and colours. My booklets - image 2 - student project

I tried Lucie’s class and colours, and was very pleased with the results. 
Since then, I’ve made two more books, with different colour schemes. Each has been such a pleasing project, with different papers inside to mix it up. 

I do wish I had a sewing machine! All mine are hand sewn. 

And I wish I had a decent paper guillotine too. My craft knife and metal ruler are not the best! 

My booklets - image 3 - student projectLovely class, with a delightful teacher. Thank you! 

My booklets - image 4 - student projectMy booklets - image 5 - student projectMy booklets - image 6 - student projectMy booklets - image 7 - student project

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