My blog! Doctor and Doodle

77ce61ee Hi! I have found so much guidance on this online course, it really is an amazing resource for us starting out!

I have had the idea of starting a blog for so long, but I just couldn't pick the right niche for months and therefore couldn't move on with my plans!

I finally decided on a study and productivity tips for college students! I was hesitant to invest in it since I have no clue if this will even have an audience, but my friends always come for me for advice on this type of stuff so I thought why not share it with more people?

I also have a personal plotting machine I got for Christmas and I can draw, so I started making my own stickers for my bullet journal so I have decided to sell them on Etsy. So hopefully my audience will be interested in them as well as some planner printables I am designing!

It is still at the beginning stages, but I already have some blog post drafts and hope to launch my blog by the end of this month!


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