My bicycle - the process of seeing

My bicycle - the process of seeing - student project

My bicycle - the process of seeing - image 1 - student projectThe aim of this project is to choose an object and take a photo of it after every class. I chose my bike because I spend a lot of time in the saddle, and I really love mountain biking. Its also the think that I have with me the most, during the week, on weekends, my bike goes with me. So I also chose the bike because I can work on this project whenever I am out hitting the trails, which is usually after work. I am also shooting the project with my iPhone 7, as I always have it with me when I am cycling, I dont take my DSLR on the bike. 

The cover photo is one that I took last year, its not part of the project. I will add photos as I work through the classes. 

The first photo I took today inside the house. I did a race yeaterday and started the day with lower back pain which prevented me from cycling outside today, so the photo is also symbolic of me and the bike being confined to the house. I went for quite an angular look, playing with the stark lines of the bike, and some shadows coming in from the kitchen window 

Stephanie Du Plessis
Weekend Photographer