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My awful day in a comic


My name is Daniela I am from Argentina, live in Spain and last night before went to sleep I just saw the 16 minutes of video of this class. Really love the way you explain Sarah! very good videos. I just want to see a picture of you in real life to compare it with the cartoon. ha ha!

Well you really inspired me and I made my first drawing this afternoon. I already draw myself onetime...but I have to update the drawing because of the changes. 

Lasr Monday I have an "AWFUL" day so I decided that this could be great way to laught about it.


This is how much I have....

Ahhh there is a comic in Argentina about women very very funny. "comic Maitena" if you want to see it...but I don't know if it is translated in English.

Hello again!

I just made my drawings in the pc and put them some colours.


Hello again, my story so far is like this...after Sarahs recomendations.


Finally I finished....but translated from me...



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