My avocado adventures, IT's WORKIIIIIING! :D :D

Hello Despina,

oh my goodness, I am the biggest avocado fan and all this time I was trying to germinate them with no luck! But now, with your simple tricks you changed my game, I leveled up.



I put the seed in water overnight, I peeled it, I fould the seam, I opened a small slot and I put it in water. It is already in water for 3 days now  and water goes in the slop as you said and the plant-embryo has swallen enormosly, SEE HOW HUGE IT IS!!!! :D Sorry for Caps lock, I am so excited.

A quick question, do you know why the avocado seed turned red from yellow/white? :)

Can't wait for the first roots to appear!

thanks again :)


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