Marian H.

WordPress Expert



My attempts on passive income

I was earning most of my income by coding WordPress sites and plugins for international clients. I'm now investigating on getting passive income (because I have to plan for retirement eventually).

My main problem is to do the marketing for myself or my products. I love writing books and creating instructional videos. So I have written two eBooks about WordPress (in German, but I will translate them to English later). They are not selling very well, so I do a lot of marketing using Twitter and Facebook. But I'm not getting much success so far and it's very time-consuming.

I've also created four SkillShare classes about WordPress for beginners. They are not trending very well and I'm doing some marketing for them too, mostly on Facebook.

I find, that I spend so much time for my marketing, that I don't have enough time to produce more products. I want to write a third book and I also would like to produce more classes, but it seems that all my available time is going to Facebook, Twitter and researching new marketing strategies.


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