My attempt

My attempt - student project

Hi, this was really hard! I had a lot of fun, but was not able to Proceed in the step-by-step fashion in such a clear manner as demonstrated. I had to rework the shading over and over, and adding color, etc. kept throwing off the my original sketch.....I have to learn to draw with color, light and shadow. Also, at some point it seems as though when I tried to sample color from the painting you provided in Procreate, the colors would turn out to be very different from the ones I observed in yours. Colors never match exactly because I guess because they are made up of many tones, but this was really exaggerated. I plan to go through this process again and again with different "models", as there is a lot to this course, and it hits on my weaknesses for sure!

I will attach the video replay of my "process" as soon as it's ready.  Click on word “ready for video.”

Thanks for such a wonderful class. Would appreciate helpful criticism!My attempt - image 1 - student project