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My attempt at colored pencils

Hello :) So pretty much anything I do, is usally done in pencil portrait but I realized since I plan to go to artschool after I graduate next year, I need to get out of my comfort zone and work with some new mediums of art. Fortunately, I can take babysteps and still work with pencils while doing so :D So, usually, anything I touch with color, turns to mush basically. I guess I've developed a fear of color because of it but luckily this class has really helped me regain some of my confidence in coloring my work.

I've been signed up in this class since basically the first day but I actually had a fire and lost all of my art supplies including my brand new colored pencils. So thats been the hold up starting my project. IN the meanwhile I was checking in on the projects and I have to say, I feel like I'm waaayyy out of my league. All of the projects are so incredible, I've been embarrassed to even try my hand at it.

The pencils I used for this project are from and were super cheap because I cant afford the ones that had been gifted to me that i lost in the fire so I'm not sure if it affected the outcome of the drawing but anyway. Here is what I have.

1) I did do a rough skecth but I forgot to take a photo of it before I got rid of it. This is what I had after the initial sketch. I noticed that I'm so used to doing portraits that instead of focusing on just my darkest spots I accidently colored it as if it were a portrait. I did two of these, one in black, and the other in blue. i'm so glad I did two becasue the blue one, when I tested it to figure out colors, began looking like an avatar :P

2)Then I played with a billion color combinations mainly to procrastinate adding the color :P After failing with the blue's(kinda like Mr. Mazzoni's from his example he used) I decided t I wanted to try some warm colors. This is something like the combinatiuon I wanted to use

3) This is just when I was working on it but it wasn't yet complete. Question, should the layer of fixative have had some kind of special effect?Maybe mine was too thin becasue it didn't make too much of a difference for me.

4)This is when I finally finished adding color. It's not complete yet becasue I havent done the vieling but so far this is my progress. I know it's not done yet, but I'm not completely thrilled with it yet. I don't know what it is, but something is definitely off so if anyone knows what step I might have accidently skipped or done wrong, please let me know. Other than that, I'm just very very happy it didn't come out looking like a doctor seuss illustration(thats how anything I color usually comes out :P)

5)Stay tuned for the fianl project :)


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