Lucy Shepel




My art practice

Hello Anne, thank you for wonderful class and inspiration. 

Day 1. Fruit. 

I used oil pastel. I don't use this medium much, so I decided to experiment with it. 


Day 2. succulent

I used watercolor and some usual paper. 


Day 3  flower

For today I chose black paper and white gell pen

For this three days I realised that the most hard thing for me to let myself draw the way I draw. Even if I don't like the way it goes. I usualy start my drawing with light pencil sketch. But this time I didn't, it was good experience


Day 4 /  blue

I always wanted to draw a whale. And I did it on day 4. But I don't like the result, but I will practice more. 


Day 5 / shadow

Today I decided to try copic markers. This is end result 


Day 6 /  light

I wanted to draw on black paper again, because first time (on day 3) I liked it very much. So here it is) 


day 7 / leaf (s) 

I used watercolor. This material I know much better then the others, so this day was fun and I am happy I did it for 7 days. 


It was really fun and very nice practice. I tried to draw for 10-15 minutes. I think I will continue to draw everyday)) 

Thank you Anne for your inspiration and very nice class! 


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