My art challenges

My art challenges - student project

Hi, thanks for the class!  For two years I have been doing #inktober, and dipped my toes into #marchofrobots and #kaijune. Despite my love of robots, I discovered I’m not drawing them at the level I want to be at, so this has focused me on trying to study up and solve my drawing limitations there. These challenges have been good at getting me to grow my skills, draw regularly, and push the quality of my work higher — and those are exactly the goals I want at this stage. 

I also created my own challenge, #mayofpigs, that I’ve done the last 2 years. Check it out on Instagram, and feel free to join in.  I’ve done this the last 2 years in May, drawing pigs each day and exploring a range of styles. 

Then this last June, I did a connected series of monster drawings that I associated with the #kaijune challenge, though I didn’t follow the prompt list. I’m really happy that this resulted in a lot of the best work I’ve ever done. It was exhausting this year to output daily drawings for both May and June, but definitely worth it. I hope to be joining #inktober2021 soon. 

Here are some samples:


From my 2021 #kaijune challenge —

My art challenges - image 1 - student project

From #mayofpigs2021 —

My art challenges - image 2 - student project
My art challenges - image 3 - student project

From #inktober2000 —

My art challenges - image 4 - student project

Tom Brinck
UX Designer, Budding Illustrator