My approach on how to launch my author platform!

My approach on how to launch my author platform! - student project


I'm a new writer, I'm currently writing my second fantasy novel, more like a mixed genre - the first one is never going to be shown - and I found it so easy to come out with my strategy during this lessons. 

I'm an illustrator, graphic designer, digital animator, dressmaker... and a drag queen! 

I love tutorials, book reviews, and creating funny drag looks.

So I came out with an idea that I never thought about before...

My target is mostly people around their 20-30s (like myself), interested in fantasy, horror and memes. Open to talk about diversity, inclusion and important topics on our current world.

I’ll offer fun reviews of trending books and video games, writing advice about the things I’m learning in my journey and some tutorials about my drag creations.

I’m already working on a website for my drag persona, Pineapple Pitza, which is going to be ready to launch in the next couple of months. So I’ll start a blog about the topics discussed before. Mixing my drag in the form of cosplay/or according to the genres of my favorite books and video games offering reviews and facts about the worldbuilding behind them - I love worldbuilding -. I think I can give an unique and funny twist to it. As drag is more visual, I'll create YouTube videos, to serve as a summary for my articles.

I’ve found that my current followers are more active on Fridays and Saturdays, so I’ll try to keep a weekend based schedule in order to grab their attention. I’ll be creating some content for a couple of months to prevent burnout or leaving weeks without new blogs. 

I will be promoting both my website blogs and my videos via Instagram, Twitter and the author Facebook Groups I’m already on. And I’m going to face my fear of asking for help, and will contact some other authors around me.

It sounds fun to me, let’s see if it works!

Pineapple Pitza
New author, illustrator and drag queen!