Rivka Bakkers-de Jonge

Illustrator / knitter / creative spirit



My altered book journal


The cover of the book I found in a second hand shop. It's about the yoga art of breathing :-)


Tearing out the pages was easy!


Applying the white gesso. In my local art shop they only had white gesso, so sadly I couldn't try out transparant gesso or gesso in black or gold.


I covered this spread with a rather thick layer of white. The other pages are more transparent. I might just add a second layer to some pages just to experiment with it and see what I like best.


Oops... Trying out to find the best workflow, because now some pages stuck together as I went on to cover the next page in gesso. Any tips are more than welcome! (I might have to work on several books at the same time. Do one page of each book and then move around so there's time to dry when I get to the next page...)


Drawing in my newly altered book journal! So this is only one thin layer or gesso. Because I didn't start with a layer of paint you can clearly see the writing of the book. It might make the artwork too chaotic but it's all one big experiment so it's ok for now. But it might mean I will have to apply a second layer of gesso to the pages I just want to keep with a white background.

All in all a very fun thing to do, I'm so happy I stumbled upon this class, I would've never thought of making a journal like this!


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