My action plan for my new habits

My action plan for my new habits - student project

I'm going to take advantage of the morning to focus practicing on my new habits : So i'm going to start my day with no phone this is my first habit waking up without an Alarm. After that I'm going to do my stretching session (10minutes stretching) + meditation for energy 10 minutes

Then i prepare my meals of the day (healthy food ) and at the same time I practice my English listening skills (BBC Radio) 


After that I have to drink  a glass of my fresh morning water and reviewing my to do list 


Also, I make every day 30 minute practice for developping my design skills


I replace my bad habit of getting disturbed by my phone calls and emails , I put one hour a day just to review the calls and answer the email (preferably I put it at the end od fay) 

- 01 Hour of reading every day 

- 01 Hour to have fun with my family and enjoy my time with them

- GYM training at theend of the day 02 Hours every day

- Preparing to do list for next day (at the end of day ) before bed  

- Journaling and writing my ideas before sleeping with positive affirmations 


This is my plan of action