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Fernanda Navilli

Graphic Designer



My Zen Self

Hi there!

First I'd like to say I loved this class, the animations are super sweet and easy to follow :) 

About my project, as I don't have a twin I decided to create my "alter-ego", the zen version of me. This is my Pinterest Moodboard and below is my first sketch.

As I don't have a tablet (which makes everything so hard :/ ) I had to do it with my mouse, so I'm a bit disappointed with the quality of my lines but I hope to fix it during coloring.


Step 2 coloring. This is the result with colors which I am not 100% happy so I will take a break, have some coffee and come back with fresh eyes to fix it up :)




I know I should have way more draws there to make it smoother but I am working like nuts these last days and I really wanted to get this project done.

One thing I can say for sure is that your class made me fall in love with animation, can wait to practice more and more.

Thank you so much for all the feedbacks and likes, you guys are amazing!



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