My YouTube journey

My YouTube journey - student project

Dear Classmates, 

I made the course yesterday and I found myself guilty in all 4 points. 
I keep coming up with new ideas, then put all the effort in. Then as I feel it could be a lot better I fail to promote it and then leave the project as actually no-one is interested in (how on earth would they be, when they don't even know I'm existing on the planet...)

So my latest project (idea arrived about 2-2,5 years ago - first action has been taken about 4 weeks ago...) is my YouTube channel. 

I wrote a book in Hungarian and it's way too expensive to translate it in English, but I always had a few people asking what is it about, etc. 
So just had the idea of how to tell it, I found a great YouTuber, who does Sims 4 videos and how she does the gameplay feels like a great TV series. Thats it, I knew that's the way how I can share the content of my book, via Sims 4. 

I've started to upload videos, even I'm not the best editor, even I just can't listen to myself talking under a video, even I struggle with OBS studio as it won't record just in 720ps. I decided not to worry, just go for it, but then I never promoted the channel. But here we go, please feel free to check out the channel.

At the moment it's only house builds, not actual gameplay, but I'm hoping to get there really soon. 


Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a safe and creative day xx