My YouTube Channel :)

My YouTube Channel :) - student project

Hey Sorelle, 


Thank you so much for this course. I have been a fan of your channel for a couple years now and three years ago you inspired me to start saving for my year around the world trip! I was planning on doing this trip for a year right after I graduated University (August 2020). I wanted to hit every continent and I wanted to start my YouTube channel before I left to make travel films about my adventures. 

2020 has kind of ruined all those travel plans, but I did decide to start my channel anyways. I have been making content about travel, filmmaking, and just random events that happen in my life. I would love so much to have your opinion and advice about my channel. I would say my USP's are Adventure, Filmmaking, and wholesome content. 

Oh and be sure to check out my "Living like Casey" Video that was inspired by you, or my "my first ACTUAL youtube video" which I talk about how you played a part in inspiring me to start my channel. 

Thanks again, and I hope you and Leon are staying safe and healthy. :) 


Jenna Brown


my channel link: