My YouTube Channel and My Video Ad - Dan Grijzenhout


Here is my channel link for any interested in viewing or subscribing: 

And here is a video ad I have created and promoted using YouTube/Adwords advertising.  

I had set this ad at 4 cents maximum on ad words and noticed that most views came in at a cost of only 2 cents each - so this is most definitely cheap advertising.  I am going to run this one again now that I have taken this class - when i originally ran it and got my views, I did not use keywords - and I closed virtually no sales as a result.  I am really interested to see how it will do if I put some effort into the keywords - I'll post an update here later after its run its course - hoping to report better sales results to you all.

Best wishes,
- Dan Grijzenhout

Dan Grijzenhout
Over 35 years of business experience