My Writing Ideas


I've really enjoyed reading through everyone's story ideas, and I wanted to include my own. The first two are stories that are based on true events, while the third is a fictional story that addresses one particular consequence of living in a world when information is instantly available. They are:

- Garden Level - I lived for two years in a garden level apartment in a bustling Denver neighborhood. This level - with windows that are knee-level to those walking by - provided a unique vantage point from which to see the odd occurrences that took place outside. I saw some strange and wondrous things while kneeling at the end of my bed, with my head just peeking out through the window, including an argument between two hysterically upset gay men, the dissolution of a couple's engagement, and a 3 am wrestling match between two drunk men that went on for 20 minutes in complete silence.

SWL - I'm a nice guy. I really am. I swear. Some things just get on my nerves, like when a co-worker borrows my desk chair and adjusts the height settings or when the mailman cuts across the grass instead of taking the sidewalk or when a neighbor's dog really needs to shut its yapper. My wife says I'm too much of a curmudgeon for my 29 years of age. I say that I just hold high expectations for myself and those around me. Either way, I've sought justice in one marvelous tool of (passive?) aggression: the Strongly Worded Letter. 

In Too Deep - Telling the story of what happens when a man attempts to look up a simple fact online about the television show "Becker" and falls perilously down the infinite Wikipedia rabbit hole, emerging hours later a changed man.

Thanks all!

Don Jordan

Manager of Teacher Development, Teach For America