My World

My World  - student project

Write a brief description, introducing yourself and/or your craft:

My name is Christiane Payne. I'm a 18 years old and I'm currently living in Barbados. I've been drawing since I was very young. I'm mostly self-taught and also with some teaching at secondary school. From there, I learned I really loved traditional art while I was there and I also learned along the way to like digital art.

I have struggle not able to have the necessary funding/money to do any and also my health is becoming a struggle. I want to make a living and get my art out, I also want to encourage others, and just draw freely but It's hard some days, but I'm learning to push through.

I'm mostly concept artist but i do illustration every now and then. I love black and white art or gray-scale art. Black and white makes you want to see more, it makes your imagination run a bit wild and it can also make interesting sketches and characters. I love vibrant colors to but it is easier for me to do it in black and white.

Describe where you are now in the process of building your career:

I'm a beginner in building my career. It feels like I can't get anything done and I don't how to set up my Patreon without messing up something, trying to get my career set up using Patreon and finding career is a struggle and where I live makes it even worse. to maintain it due to my health. I have nothing but my story and drawings on Patreon, I really need to gain a following and a revenue to earn something.

There's a lot I need to start working on. Some things I understand loud and clear but there some things i just don't understand. But there is so much I have to achieve and this skillshare class made me realize it.

Share your next steps in prepping your creative business for monetization:

  1. Post more often.
  2. Get my website finally up and have a for selling items such as prints, merchandise, and more.
  3. Reach out to fans more. Contests and Giveaways.
  4. Work on my branding and getting myself out there.
  5. Start a Youtube channel

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