My World (4/6 environments complete)

My World (4/6 environments complete) - student project

As an introduction to my world- it is the broken-off chunk from it's original planet. The environment is heavily influenced by the Gods who used to roam the land, leading to some vastly different locations.

This is the first of 6 environments for my fantasy world I have planned. I started with a moodboard for each one followed by thumbnail sketches of different views or environments to help visualise the space. 

My World (4/6 environments complete) - image 1 - student project

The Acid Swamp, where only those who have something to run from reside. In such a harsh an and toxic environment a very specific way of life is required. The inhabitants of the swamp are isolated and supplies can be hard to come by so homes are fiercely protected. As a result, the few resources provided by the swamp are heavily utilized. Large snail-like creatures that reside in the swamp are hunted for their hardy shells and slime that resist the harsh conditions. Many structures are built from the shells and materials that aren't are heavily coated in a protective layer of slime. The inhabitant of this house has used shells as a boat, rainwater collection tank, a drainer for things pulled from the swamp, and as part of the roof. Birds are often caught for food, being the only creature not drenched in acidic ooze. 

My World (4/6 environments complete) - image 2 - student project

The Crystal Caverns are made from magically crystalized water, formed during a clash between the Goddess of Sea and Storms and the Goddess of Fire. These caves have since become a place of love and peace, with the small creatures being a manifestation of those concepts, spending their days chanting and channeling their energy together. In contrast to their twin race known as "Darklings" that populate the cliffs and the Tangled Passages outside these caves, filling the air with their eerie howls, in a region known as the Darkling Umbra.

My World (4/6 environments complete) - image 3 - student project

The Great River used to be a hub for the old world, destroyed by a flood of tears from the Goddess of sea and storms. From these tears grew large creatures, who now patrol the remnants of giant statues and buildings that fill its depths. Only those who are truly desperate attempt to sail down the river, favouring the smallest boats to avoid unwanted attention.

Above the river a monastery dedicated to the Gods has been established, deeming themselves pure enough to reside in the ruins of the old world.

The final stretches of the river are guarded by effigies of long passed sovereigns of the Kingdom of Gyan.

My World (4/6 environments complete) - image 4 - student project

Through the Spirit Fen the souls of the dead weave their way towards the Edge, before trickling over the side to be collected by the All Mother, who delivers the souls to new lives. The souls thirst for life so strongly that they will aggressively possess any living creature that touches the waters of the Fen.

In this scene a worshipper of Morella, Goddess of death and plague, conducts the ultimate trial of loyalty. To drink from the waters of the Spirit Fen. A truly loyal servant of Morella is so tainted by death that the spirits of the Fen will recoil away, leaving the cultist free from possession.

Melissa Marriott
Art, Design, Props & Film