My Worksheets - Personal Productivity

My Worksheets - Personal Productivity - student project

I've had such a hard time deciding where my business/side hustle has been going directionally. This class and these worksheets really helped me lay it all out and take into account my as a person and not just my ideas. I love that Kate made it so easy. She really went into what you are supposed to fill out in each section.


I never thought about taking into account my emotional, intellectual, and physical capabilities and seeing where you are overtiring yourself before. That was definitely an eye opener. I also love that Kate emphasized that there are no bad ideas, just how well we execute them. For me it's not that any ideas I had for my business were bad, it's that some of them will need to be tackled later. The worksheets helped me put everything into perspective on what I can do right now. 


Thanks for the wonderful class!