My Watercolor Succulent :)

My Watercolor Succulent :) - student project


 Hi Louise,

Wow.......that was my longest project so far, 3 big sessions I was pretty pleased to finish. Project was on A4, think I'm ready to step up to A3 now, see how I feel about a bigger project. Tackled the dark section last, got  abit lost & started to play around to much, I was relieved to get out of that section. I was after  a chalky effect for middle section, so I tried one of my paints with a semi opaque quality,  I was happy with effect but only applied to a few leaves middle lower,  in 1st session. 2nd session with some time in between I forgot what I did, so middle section wasn't as clean as I would of liked, experimenting, but lesson learnt, write notes. 3rd session was darks, red tips & water drops. Glad I attempted water drops, I'm pleased with them.

Thank you so much Louise, your a treasure, helping me gain confidence in my little watercolor world, look forward to your next class, really hope it's an Australian bird, (wink wink), but whatever it is, I will be happy !

Oh.... this will probably be a gift to my sister for her birthday, as she has already hinted.

Cheers, hope you like my succulent. 

Jo :)

My Watercolor Succulent :) - image 1 - student project