My Walk Cycle

My Walk Cycle - student project

Hi to all students! This is a sample project. I would love to see all of your work, even if the walk cycle isn't done yet you can post your progress here on skillshare. Let's inspire each other!


Here's my body keyposes:My Walk Cycle - image 1 - student project


Here's from the arms movement exercise:

My Walk Cycle - image 2 - student project


Walk cycle on 1's:

My Walk Cycle - image 3 - student project


Walk cycle on 2's:

My Walk Cycle - image 4 - student project


Here's the final with clean up (on place):

My Walk Cycle - image 5 - student project


Here's a different take using a different design:

My Walk Cycle - image 6 - student project

Marvin Te
Cel Animator & Motion Designer