Sara Paton

Inspired to be present



My Vision for My Life - 10 years

My Vision for My Life Age 49

I am at one with myself. I am present and engaged in the "now". I follow the flow of life around me instinctively.
I love openly and freely and i receive abundant love from a partner who shares my thoughts and ideas.
I am traveling extensively and experiencing the wonders and passions of other cultures and places throughout the world. I have first class experiences in all that i do.
I am giving of myself, my thoughts and ideas, and i share these with millions of people, where i become the catalyst to help others change and embrace their true self.
I am abundantly happy, i am contributional in all the success i receive in every aspect of my life.I am confident, strong and fulfilled with consciousness and contentment in all that i am.
I am living energy, i am higher consciousness, i am spirit and the world is in me.

My Vision for my relationship Age 49

I am passionately traveling with someone who shares my vision and passion for life and inspiring people to the next level. i feel sexually excited and attracted to the person i come home to everyday and that person shares the drive and desire to be intimate and loving with me at anytime. I am instinctively sharing my thoughts, growth, personal development and insights with enthusiasm, partnered with a kindred soul along the journey.
I am supported, loved, and appreciated for the person i am and completely accepted for my choices, ideas and decisions that i take to be the complete person i am meant to be.
I am nourishing and support my partner to be all this for themselves with complete and open choice and acceptance of who they choose to be on their own unique path.

Career & Finance:

1.            It’s 2022 and I am a successful catalytic Philanthropic Entrepreneur who is creating value in the sustainable consumption industry, where abundance and wealth flows into my life every minute of every day.

2.            It’s 2017 and I am financially free, I have a multimillion dollar profitable business with multiple passive income streams that all add significant value through motivation and contribution to others’ lives.

3.            It’s 2013 and I am extremely successful in working for myself through my own company “Naturally SAVI” creating significant business value to others through providing coaching and mentoring opportunities and contributions.

 Self & Personal:

1.            It’s 2022 and I am in a deeply loving and nurturing relationship full of passion and inspired living, learning and growing together whilst walking our own life path.

2.            It’s 2017 and I am happy, fulfilled and experiencing life and other cultures as I travel the world being my authentic self with all those I meet on my journey through life.

3.            It’s 2013 and I have embraced the uncertainty of my life and the experience that will come from detachment to the detail where I allow myself to ask for and receive guidance from all that is around me, in all that I undertake.

 Health & Well-being:

 1.            It’s 2022 and I am fit, strong, supple, and have the Bio Age of 30 and I feel and know I am capable of undertaking any activity I choose to efficiently.

2.            It’s 2017 and I have a fully functioning thyroid and immune system that supports my physical, adrenal and hormonal health.

3.            It’s 2013 and I have a centred and well-balanced life, physically, spiritually, mentally & emotionally that I am continuing to grow through all areas.


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