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My 'View' of Southern California

Just recently I was prescribed some spectacles. As I was shooting one day, I began to think that many photographers shoot from eye level. This gives the viewer the perspective of actually being there in person. I, having glasses, wanted to give my viewers an added sense of presence. So, I removed my glasses and centered them in front of my iPhone. From there, I just explored more with this style and have enjoyed it ever since. Using Cory's tips, I now can expand my idea into something even greater. 

Also, I've been told that I look like Clark Kent (the new one, not the old one).

This first photo was shot right out of my front door, as I was enjoying some of that California harsh light. 

This was a photo that I shot of a mountain down the street from my house. I love to experiment with centering objects in the lens of the glasses and that is what I tried here with the peak.


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