My Video Recording Spot

My Video Recording Spot - student project

This class couldn't be discovered in a better moment! I decided to organise a portion of my garage to be the spot where I can record the video for my classes. 

I must be honest and I have to say that I like that post-industrial, rough-n-tough look of the naked, raw concrete wall but, Mimi inspired me!

So, here it is the first part of the assignment. You can have a better Idea of the location of the wall (and the surrounding mess) here.

My Video Recording Spot - image 1 - student project

The drawing is inspired to Michelangelo masterpiece.

The next step it will be to actually paint it. I'm thinking to use stencils... we will see...


Iìm going with the stencil. I printed all the A4 segments and put everything together.

My Video Recording Spot - image 2 - student project 

It's an endless "trim 'n tape" work but eventually I had this 2 by 1.6 meters piece.

My Video Recording Spot - image 3 - student project

It's HUGE!!! I'm startig to ghet worried about this. The trimming work will be long and epic and I'm not so sure I'm going to use spray paint.

Thius is a quick test I did and... it's NOT even remotely as easy as you see it on youtube :-D

My Video Recording Spot - image 4 - student project

Anyway, I keep going.

Mauro Toselli
IT Director / Sketchnoter