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My Very Own Video Marketing Company ModestReaction

Hey everyone, my name is Mark and I am an amateur video producer and adrenaline junkie who wants to always go on adventures, travel and try new things!

My goal is to create a video marketing campaigns and reviews for adventure companies such as skydiving, bungee jumping and motorsports. 

Video 1: Made this as an attempt of a Marketing Video for Lyon Air Museum in Costa Mesa.

Video 2: Lifestyle video - Venice Beach for City Promotion and Travel Videos

Video 3:

Motorsports Drifting event promotion video

My video concept:

Part 1: Intro - What is ModestReaction and why we do what we do

Part 2: Ideal -When people who do what they love, they have a higher tendency to succeed.

Part 3: What message are we trying to convey

Part 4: What can we do to help you grow your business while having fun

My concept is simple, I love videography and I love action sports. By combining all the things I love into a sustainable business concept will be my idea of a work/life harmony.


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