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My Very Own French Macarons

I was first introduced to french macarons by a friend who took me to a local macaron bakery. They had a special on 1 dozen so I ordered 12 different flavors. My favorite ended up being the Rose Water.

Ever since I first tried french macarons I've been interested in the delicate process of making them and have wanted to try it myself. This class gave me the confidence to give it a go and I decided to make them this past weekend for valentines day.


As I mentioned, my favorite flavor was Rose Water but was unable to find the flavoring and decided to stick with a basic vanilla buttercream.

Here are my finished French Macarons. I am so pleased that I had a successful outcome.


I've included some of the difficulties I encountered along the way. I would love any feedback or insight you might have that could help my future macarons.

  • Difficulty finding the Rose water flavoring locally.
  • My batter was not as smooth in appearance, there were tiny specs in the shell, which I believe is due to my lack of sifting. I should have sifted my flour/sugar mixture more.
  • My finish shells were very airy.. is there a way for them to rise less? I see others finished shells aren't quite so thick.
  • My second tray (pink shells) seemed a tad too crunch, what is the best way to determine that they are done baking. They didn't appear quite done so I left them in just a little longer.


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