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My Venture Group


Every year, businesses reach what’s known as the chasm. While in the chasm, they find themselves in the need of substantial, affordable, and reliable daily operations to help support their growth to scale. As these companies scale, competition increases, and with a success rate of only 20%, it is unsure what spending decisions need to be made for the startup to survive.
Venture Group’s mission is to address these issues, by providing unique platform: Venture Group Supplies. V.G.S gives essential products and services needed for startups to cross the chasm with ease as they scale. Our company offers a range of providers to bring you to the best services needed for your scaling. These include: Telecommunication, Legal Assistance, security automation, fashion apparel, beauty and health. These services allow you to spend more time on your product and continuing to scale your startup. Help us work with you to cross chasm.


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