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My Ultimate Before & After

I enjoyed this class so much... seeing everyone's transformations and getting a peek into your beautiful homes.  Sad to see it end, but I walk away with some invaluable styling tips and secrets. Thank you Justina for putting together such a great class!


ULTIMATE BEFORE AND AFTER  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This one was a tough choice. I really enjoyed the first project as it was a great jumping off point, but it may have been a bit simple...whereas the other's involved a larger "canvas" and more variables to integrate. Due to this, I have decided to go with my sofa project.  I loved the textures I was able to play with and the final product looks great! (lots more photos of the sofa further down)

p.s. I sitll have a sweet spot in my heart for this pic, so I thought I'd throw it up one more time for good measure ^-^


BED BEFORE AND AFTER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well, I fiinally got some sun here after nearly a week of rain and sleet :) So onto the bed pictures! This is my before once again...

and here's my after with some sun peaking in :)

(and yes, I kept the my little ponies for now)


BOOKSHELF BEFORE AND AFTER --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have to say, I had a lot of trouble with this one.  You see, my bookshelf is FULL of books. Even my other shelves are full of media of some sort or another, so not a lot of room to style.  I couldn't see doing the rainbow/color spectrum with the books working at my place, especially when trying to find a certain book. So I added some art objects here and there, while covering up some of the "busy" areas...also trying to make some color pops.  It doesn't look ideal, but I can't see thinning out my books at this time, with no other place for them to rest :\  Also, it's been super dark, rainy and stormy...and  the forcast isn't looking better for the rest the of the week.  So the pictures were kind of hard to come by.  Well any-who...

My before bookshelf

My after...

Like the Barbie backpack in the background? I swear it's not mine ;)


SOFA BEFORE AND AFTER  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My sofa before, pretty drab...

and now...


Something to read if the mood hits you ;)

Rest assured, all the pets approve.


CONSOLE BEFORE AND AFTER ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My before console table/record player...

And my after, with Venkman...

I had a lot of trouble getting some good shots, as the lighting is so weird in this little corner.

My creepy brass cat ;)

And my husband's vintage Batman and Robin membership ring ^-^


COFFEE TABLE BEFORE AND AFTER ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well, once again here is my "coffee table" before...

and here's my after...


BEFORE SHOTS OF FIVE KEY AREAS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well now onto my own home...I've lived in this 1920's one and half story home for 7 years now and there have been many changes along the way.  I started off with many primary colors about six years ago and have been moving to a more light and muted tone throughout in the last year and a half. Nothing is ever finished and I'm always changing things up. I've been buying more plants recently and hanging art on many of the newly painted walls.

This couch has been with me forever.  I believe its a sturdy ethan allen frame from the early 70's and has been reupholstered several times.  It might be due for another as it's looking a little raggety around the edges.

My console is a beautiful old record player, with nothing too spectacular on top.

I've got Ikea shelving all over the place...

My bedroom is getting there.  I may be ready to move beyond the samurai my little ponies. I actually have a large MOMA piece picked out, it just comes down to the purchase and framing.

Now I do not currently have a coffee table as it would take up too much room for foot traffic and play area for the little one. So I went with one of my side tables.

Well that is a little peak into my home and my constant work in progress. And I do apologize for my crappy camera.


THE EIGHT PRINCIPLES OF STYLE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I love these antiquated,old places that have more history than I have in my little finger.  This bathroom photographed in Madrid is one of those rooms I could fall in love with, or maybe I already have.  The layers draw you in and keep you.

All eight principles are easily found here in this, albeit lived-in, but beautiful area.

Needs- From the sink, to the toilet, to the tub...everyone needs a bathroom.

Shape-  The angular trapazoid of a room is offset and softened by the round edges of the sink and mirror as well as the mutiple plants, yet accentuated by the rows of sketches and paintings,

Placement- Although it's a cramped little spot, the placement of each thing lets the eye wander and the hanging pictures give structure.

Color- Blue tiles and natural shaded sketches with greenery aplenty, as well as a few pops of red

Pattern- The Persian rug is more aged next to the modern looking tile squares, but the two work together perfectly.

Texture- So much texture in this picture, saturated with it almost.  We have the plush rug, the water damaged side table, the leaves of each potted plant, the smoth blue tiles, even the bath sponge...

Bling- The brass lamps over the mirror give the room a regency feel with the black accents.

Botanicals- Let's not forget the aformentioned plants used almost as drapery

I hope to someday create a space with this much layered beauty.


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