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My Typography Hunt!

Do this project turned out to be a bit more easier than I thought. The only one I was a little split on was on the word "traditional". For that would I thought of "old fashioned" and "southern bell" so I was crossed between two fonts.

So far, my favorite word was beautiful. I thought of a curvy, simple but elegant font which I had downloaded from a while ago. I thought it fit the word quite nicely.


As for typeface hunting, I came up with a lot of finds. This one reminded me of a tropical island bar on the beach. I can see this being placed somewhere behind the bar, setting the mood. I can image one of the employees buying it for the place to liven up the place.

I like the simple message but I feel that if the words or at least the word "love" was colored red, it would have really drove the point and the feeling home. Still like it though :3

This font fit with the book title pretty well. It's dark, unique, weird, haunting, and beautifully abnormal, much like a vampire would be... at least in my humble opinion. 


Here is my response to the option project addition, which I did after some practice with kerning. It started off as a bit difficult to do when I went to the kerning website but it got easier over time.

Looks like it turned out pretty well but not sure.


I hope to add more onto the brands that I come across but these were I few that I took pictures of that I liked :3


I am a fan of the designs and looks that Starbucks has come up with. I especially love the new cafe & bakery La Boulange concept they came up with recently. Very nice.


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