Lindsay Hartwell

Graphic Designer



My Two Shops

Hedgehog & Rabbit (3 year old company this August)

Toys, embroidery and cross-stitch patterns, kits and supplies. Basically an online version of that crafty toy store you found in downtown Seattle.

Main issues

  1. Do you think you can handle being a supply shop? Don't they ship a lot of small things?
  2. What are you going to do when they don't buy the toys and you're more successful at selling supplies?
  3. If you're not blogging about your patterns, how do you expect people to buy them?

MVP Embroidery patterns and plushie making kits. 

3 Biggest holes

  1. Where are your customers?
  2. Not knowing a lot about marketing and testing.
  3. Stitching out every design.


  1. I know of a few places on the web that they hang out. I can list my patterns on as many sites as I can as well as offering them on my own website. I feel this will grow and become easier to find the more I list and create patterns. I find new places to list the patterns all the time.
  2. I have been in contact with a marketing internship program. I am still researching how to go about free marketing. Also investigating free to cheap advertising opportunities on related blogs and websites.
  3. I have a partner that stitches out some of the patterns when she has time. I'm trying to find a couple more people that would be willing to stitch my patterns and photograph them for the website listings. I have set aside time on the weekends where I can stitch a pattern out without interference.

Actionable Plan

1. Finding customers

@ Google websites that carry embroidery patterns.
@ Contact the one's that carry other people's patterns.
@ Create accounts on the sites that require personal shop management.

2. Marketing

@ Contact UW internship coordinator
Follow up with coordinator and follow steps to hire unpaid intern
Continue reading about marketing and learn from student

3. Stitching

@ Create a schedule for only stitching out designs
Follow schedule with prejudice
Contact stitchers on HEN to find a reliable source for work to be stitched
Submit patterns and terms to "employed" stitchers
Recieve images from stitchers to submit to website


My goal is to become a go to source for embroidery and sewing patterns. A household name, if you will. My success metric will be if I can survive on the income from this business alone and not need other sources.

I will hire an intern and stitchers to further facilitate my progress. I will also dedicate time to my business as if it were a job where I answer to someone (I admit to having trouble with this in the past). 

To reach my first 100 customers, I will advertise on the HEN, Craftsy, Etsy and Project Wonderful. Once my 100 customers are reached, I will advertise on Facebook.

I can create three different advertisements and list them on Project Wonderful to test which get the most hits before I submit them as ads for HEN and Facebook. I feel this will give me the information I need to find the most desirable ad.

Juniper Drive (launch coming September 2013)

Simple, elegant, natural jewelry. Hypoallergenic and high quality jewelry with natural and simple lines. (I'm not sure about an X for Y)

Main issues 

  1. Do you know how to make jewelry?
  2. Where are you going to find all your (components)?
  3. Can you manage two shops?

MVP Basic jewelry line starting with hypoallergenic metals which are cheaper to buy. Plus, making my own wire components and using simple, easy design.



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