My Tri-Colour Purse & Matching Bracelet

My Tri-Colour Purse & Matching Bracelet - student project

Deliverable 1:
My Tri-Colour Purse & Matching Bracelet - image 1 - student project

I have this awesome tri-colour purse that looks like three purses put together. It's one of my favourite accessories, made by a brand called Everything (I bought it at Little Burgundy).

I'm going to use three colours for my matching candy stripe bracelet. I chose the closest matching three colours of embroidery thread I have - one to match each section of this purse (a seafoam green, a lilac purple, and a salmon pink).

The 3-colour pattern I want to use is the first one in which each colour has two consecutive rows.

Deliverable 2:  
My Tri-Colour Purse & Matching Bracelet - image 2 - student project

I noticed that my bracelet was curling very early on as I was making it. I had it secured on a clipboard just like in the instructional videos. This is what the bracelet looked like right after I finished making it. I've got it sitting flat under a stack of books right now to see if it'll straighten out.

I'm interested in making more bracelets and correcting this issue in the future. Any idea what caused it? This is just embroidery thread from the dollar store. Could it be the thread quality? Did I pull too tight or not tight enough on each knot? Looking forward to any feedback. Thank you! :)